The Croppin’ Cottage is located in the Beachwalk Resort community.

From Downtown Chicago (Northwest)
From Michigan (Northeast)
From Northern Ohio (East)
From Indianapolis (South)

From Downtown Chicago (Northwest)

  1. Travel East on I-94 to Chicago Skyway (around 63rd Street – you’ll need to get onto local lanes to make your exit). Once you’re on the Chicago Skyway, you’ll cross the Skyway Toll Bridge ($2.00) and continue onto Indiana Toll Road (1st toll is $0.50) for 20 miles and exit as the Toll Road Intersects with I-94 again at Lake Station (toll is $0.30)
  2. Take I-94 East for 20 miles to Exit 34B to U.S. 421 (North) to Michigan City.
  3. Follow U.S. 421 (North) through Michigan City. U.S. 421 becomes Franklin Street as you cross U.S. 20. Keep going straight.
  4. At 9th street, Franklin becomes a one-way street – continue going North until you reach the end (4th Street) Library is in front of you. Turn right and go East one block to Pine Street (also a one-way street).
  5. As you turn, City Hall will be on your left and the Chamber of Commerce on your right. Get in the right hand lane. Follow the signs to Washington Park, Zoo, and Marina. You will pass “Galveston Steak House”, stay to your right and take the curve around it. Then you will pass “Matey’s.” Keep going North toward Washington Park, Zoo, etc. You will cross over the Amtrak railroad tracks, then you will cross the drawbridge (the Naval Armory will be on your right); take curve to your right. You will be on Lake Shore Drive. Washington Park will be on your left and as you proceed the Zoo will be on your right.
  6. Continue East on Lake Shore Drive to the first four-way stop sign. An apartment complex will be on the SW corner, a house will be on the NW corner, an empty lot will be on the NE corner. Continue traveling East approximately 4/10 of a mile to Beachwalk. Once you are on Beachwalk Lane, turn right on Moss Parkway, then left on Childers Lane. The Cottage is located on the right side of the street, past Thomas Blvd.

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